Tweets Are Now Back In Google Search Results

Today Twitter and Google made the official announcement that Tweets are back in Google search results.  The initial integration will only be for mobile device search results and desktop integration will occur at a later date.   When Do They Appear? It is still not clear how Google decides when to display tweets within results, but from initial […]

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19. May 2015
posted by Stephen Peron

Why does your business have a website?

Website Design

It seems like a ridiculous question.  Oddly enough – it’s probably a question that many business owners have never stopped to really think about.  “Why?”  “What is the actual function and purpose of this thing?” If the answer is something like, “Well – we just need one” or “so people call us,” there is a […]

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13. May 2015
posted by Cameron Davis

How Much Money Should I Be Spending Online?

One of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to online marketing and advertising is, “How much money should I spend advertising online?” Unfortunately, that’s not easy to answer that has a quick response. If you’re asking this question, you may need to start by setting up some simple tracking mechanisms and by […]

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05. May 2015
posted by Brandon Moyles

Creating your website: Theme vs Custom Development

So, you are launching or re-launching your website and are trying to decide between using a pre-built theme or having someone custom build your site. There are many reasons to do both, but you really need to have answered a few key topics before deciding. What is your budget? For limited budget customers, there is […]

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24. April 2015
posted by Tom Brown

Preventing Reputation Problems Before They Arise

Even the best companies in the world with the best customer support are will have few disgruntled customers. It doesn’t seem fair that such a small percentage of customers should get so much attention with negative reviews online. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the internet and the online world. It’s not all doom and […]

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15. April 2015
posted by Jared Moore