Fixing Googlebot CSS & JS Access Issues

Did you recently receive an email from Google Search Console that Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files on your site? Many webmasters (including myself) are reporting that they received the message, causing a flurry of forum posts and messages. While some people seemed panicked at first, this notice doesn’t mean that they can’t see […]

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30. July 2015
posted by Jared Moore

Actionable Data from Google Search Console

In May this year, Google announced the rebranding of Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console to better reflect the diversity of titles belonging to the users that utilize the platform. Whether you’re a webmaster, a business owner, a marketer, or an SEO specialist like myself, it’s useful to become familiar with Google Search Console and […]

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21. July 2015
posted by Jasmine Pacal

Navigating Google My Business Support for Duplicate Listings

It’s nasty. No one wants to do it. It’s a pain and a total time suck. Yes, I’m talking about consolidating and updating all the Google Local (Google My Business) accounts that are floating around with either a wrong address or as a completely duplicate listing on a Gmail account that you barely knew existed […]

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02. July 2015
posted by Claudia Guerrero

Is Your Adwords Campaign “Limited by Budget?”

Is Your Adwords Campaign “Limited by Budget?” One of the first things I notice when I audit PPC accounts are campaigns that are “Limited by Budget.”  It’s hard to ignore it when Google is telling you to increase the budget cap because you “may be losing clicks due to a limited budget”.  The simple fix […]

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19. June 2015
posted by George Habuki

3 Tips for eCommerce Companies Competing against Amazon.

Amazon is a force to be reckoned with. As a consumer, I love them. As an internet marketer, I hate them. Deep-rooted hate. Why? Because they are taking more and more market share away from niche, single-store eCommerce sites and are stacking up the reasons why consumers should go nowhere else. There are several rules that Amazon […]

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08. June 2015
posted by Danny DeMichele