Mobile Readiness: What to know before April 21st

By now I’m sure you must have heard the news that all SEOs had been expecting for quite some time. As of April 21st of this year, Google will formally recognize mobile-readiness as a permanent ranking signal by rolling this item into its algorithm. According to Google’s announcement, the change will affect mobile searches in […]

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24. March 2015
posted by Claudia Guerrero

Using Conversion Rate Optimization To Improve Education

Most people in our field are well aware of the positive impact that conversion rate optimization has produced. Both for businesses and their bottom line, and for consumers getting a better on site experience. There are a lot of fields though that haven’t yet adopted conversion rate optimization to improve how they interact with the […]

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19. March 2015
posted by Keith Lovgren

Bidding on Your Branded Term in Adwords

At one point in the relationship with every client, the one question I seem to always get is “Should I bid on my branded term?” The simple answer is yes and here’s why. When I first started Paid Search Ad Extensions didn’t exist. There were no Sitelinks, Call Extensions, Location Extensions, App Extensions, Review Extensions […]

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12. March 2015
posted by George Habuki

What Most Development Projects and The Winchester House Have in Common

Business Owners Overlook Scoping Business owners want to save time and money, and web and application development is no exception. This is why often times business owners overlook the value in properly scoping a development project.  Most development companies will offer to provide a deep scope of work, and will often charge their clients accordingly. […]

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03. March 2015
posted by Danny DeMichele in

Five TED Talks Every Internet Marketer Should Watch

It takes more than technical blog posts and the latest and greatest understanding of Google’s updates to successfully manage clients in the digital marketing space. As a career account manager, completing my 10th anniversary in the digital marketing arena this year, I know that a deeper understanding of marketing as a discipline and how our brains […]

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02. March 2015
posted by Ricardo Figueiredo