Acceptance Insurance is a leading provider of personal automobile insurance and other related products.


The Challenge:

Acceptance Insurance had been running a Google Adwords campaign that seemed to have stagnated. They had been running a $35 – $40 cost-per-lead (CPL) that they just couldn’t seem to lower to their target CPL of $25 Acceptance enlisted Elevated to see what we could do.

The Solution:

Elevated identified several key areas of performance where they were either bleeding ad spend on non-performing keywords/ad groups – or – not exploiting segmentations that were performing well.
Elevated implemented 4 key strategies:

  • We segmented “state” level campaigns to city targeted campaigns in an effort to control bidding at a more granular level.
  • Through keyword research, we expanded the negative keyword list to eliminate irrelevant or under-performing keywords.
  • We implemented day-parting at the city level to improve efficiency metrics.
  • We analyzed hourly conversion metrics to set bid modifiers to improve efficiency.

The Results:

By the end of month 1, we had lowered their CPL to under $30 and by the end of the third month – it had stabilized around $23. At the same time, we were able to improve online conversions by more than 50% (from ~3,000/mo to ~4,500/mo). In addition to the above, we were able to lower the average CPC from ~$14 to ~$13. With a $100K+ ad spend, a 8% reduction in CPC translated to substantial savings. The other immediate effect was that with the exact same ad
budget, they were able to increase the number of clicks and acquisitions.


Decrease in


Increase in conversions on
lowered ad spend


Reduction in monthly ad


The Challenge:

Acceptance Insurance approached us to improve their site’s organic strategy and rankings. They were enjoying a steady flow of branded traffic, but were struggling to compete in the highly competitive online space of “car insurance.”

The Solution:

We worked with Acceptance Insurance to analyze and suggest an expanded keyword strategy to target industry keywords and categories – rather than just their brand. Simultaneously, we were able to identify weaknesses in their backlink portfolio that were actually preventing the site from ranking better.

After implementing our on-page strategy – which included the recommendation of building new pages of content to capture new keyword targets – we were able to start our off-page strategy through our link building methodology.

The Results:

We fully implemented our keyword strategy and had finished our build out of new targeted content pages. Combined with our content marketing outreach efforts, the number of site visitors coming from non-branded organic keywords had more than tripled from when we started the campaign – accounting for roughly 50% of all traffic to their site. Also achieved top 10 search engine rankings for “auto insurance” and “car insurance”.


Increase in Total Top 20 Organic Search Results


Increase in
non-branded traffic


Total site traffic generated through organic search