DJO Global is a worldwide billion-dollar company dedicated to providing intelligent medical devices and services from prevention to recovery.


The Challenge:

Prior to working with Elevated, DJO Global had an in-house staff dedicated to their digital marketing efforts (which included Search Engine Optimization.) Looking to grow their online revenue, DJO needed help boosting organic traffic and conversions made through their website.  Giving enough attention to digital marketing campaigns was difficult operating internally, as DJO ran into issues with bandwidth and scalability.

The Solution:

Our team immediately went to work overhauling the account structure, introducing a new digital strategy and expanding analytics for better onsite optimization.  We implemented a number of dramatic changes to the content, architecture, and external links to increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic.  By taking over control of the DJO website development process, Elevated was able to build out new site features – including managing maintenance and integration in real time (a vital practice for adjusting and optimizing site content or ad copy).

The Results:

Once integration was complete, Elevated continued optimizing their site based on sales and ROI.  The digital strategy implemented for DJO resulted in dramatic improvement: organic search traffic was up 107% and revenue increased by 26.67%. Today, DJO continues to grow its product offerings with a fine-tuned strategic digital marketing strategy.  By implementing website development, integrating search engine optimization efforts and conversion rate optimization, Elevated enabled DJO to reach new customers and expand their online presence in a competitive market.

Developed real-time data
management of site


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Increase in Revenue