Fashion Furniture Rental is a premier furniture rental company serving Northern and Southern California areas


The Challenge:

Fashion Furniture operates in the highly competitive space of furniture rental. While they have key areas of differentiation, none of their core strengths were given proper attention on their website. Elevated was asked to test different value propositions to see what lead to a higher conversion rate of leads being submitted through the website.

The Solution:

Elevated implemented the Optimizely testing platform directly onto enabling us to test various value propositions and highlight Fashion Furniture’s key areas of differentiation in real time. After shortening up the homepage content and focusing key real estate of the site toward promoting Fashion Furniture’s “Signature Concierge Service” we were able to see a noticeable lift in leads.

The Results:

Statistical relevance was achieved within a few weeks – at which point we were able to provide custom insights to the Fashion Furniture team. The improved landing page resulted in some staggering numbers:

  • 566% increase in contact form submissions from first time visitors
  • 450% overall increase in contact form submissions
  • 14% increase in revenue

… all on an equal number of visits to the new test page!


Increase in contact forms from first time visitors


Overall increase in contact form submissions


Increase in revenue on same number of site visitors