The Challenge:

Healthy Desks approached the Elevated team to help create a new website for a new product in an emerging industry (stand-up desks). Healthy Desks already had ideas for the look and layout of the site – but needed help building the actual site and organizing the content in preparation for ongoing marketing.

The Solution:

The Elevated team researched keyword search volume prior to making sitemap and new page recommendations. This insight allowed us to better organize the client’s content and make recommendations for new content pages in an effort to be instantly relevant once the site went live. We also used the keyword strategy to propagate the various meta data opportunities. Finally, we made critical developmental recommendations using Google’s best practices guidelines to ensure that the finished site was “SEO Friendly” at launch.

Furthermore, our team was able to work collaboratively with Healthy Desks to meet a 4-week concept-to-launch deadline.

The Results:

Within the first two months of launch, we started seeing keywords pinging into the top 5 pages of Google’s search results. Within 6 months, with the addition of ongoing SEO efforts, we had achieved page one rankings for a handful of keywords. In addition to those, there are dozens more residing prominently on pages 2 and 3.