Accelerate your results, safely and securely with Elevated.

Elevated understands healthcare. By working with many pharmaceutical, life science, and genomics clients, among others, we have a solid understanding of what may make the biggest impact — with the most positive of consequences. But to take the best care of your content, we also need to get to know YOU.

Regulatory Restrictions = Quick Wins

First, we work with the content that you already have approved. This way we can test small changes fast; this often results in some really big wins.

The Layering Effect

While we’re testing pre-approved content, we’re also developing some dramatic changes to test against your most successful baseline. Within just a couple months, you’re likely to see big jumps in conversions, along with incremental improvements over time.

We call this the layering effect. One improvement layered on another. Over time, these can result in some significant business gains.

The Elevated Testing Process

Goal Setting
Interviews for Understanding
Value Proposition
Competitive Analysis
Independent Research
Test Design with Optimizely
Results Analysis


Elevated is the only trusted Optimizely solutions partner in healthcare.

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