Google announced last week that starting April 21, 2015, a mobile-friendly ranking factor will be added to their search algorithm. The algorithm change will be considered on a page-by-page basis, meaning that webmasters and developers can focus on optimizing the most important individual pages within a site (without having to necessarily retool an entire website) to benefit from this change. The update will also be evaluated in “real time” – meaning once a page is optimized, when Google caches that page and sees that it is mobile-friendly, it will be more eligible to receive the benefit from the algorithmic change.

Simply put – Google will start dropping sites out of the search results for users searching from a mobile device if your site is not optimized to be mobile friendly.

In early 2014, the online landscape changed forever when it was determined that Internet access from mobiles and tablets was consistently surpassing access from PC usage. Many businesses scrambled to update their sites to respond to usability and conversion goals with the shift in the balance of power. With Google’s announcement of the upcoming change, it is a 100% validation of the importance and need for businesses to embrace the need for mobile-friendly sites.

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