For some agencies, CRO (conversion rate optimization) is a buzzword. For us, it’s a 100% recommendation, no matter how big or little your website, no matter how well you’re currently converting, no matter what platform you are using.

Continual conversion rate optimization is absolutely important in order to ensure that you are gaining as many leads or customers as you possibly can.

We use CRO tactics for all of our paid search and paid media clients in order to create the best landing environments possible.

If you are spending time and money to drive traffic to your website, you should be as focused on optimizing conversions.

Can you tell we’re serious about CRO? All of our marketing campaigns include it.

Elevated’s CRO strategies fall into two categories: Usability and Analytics.


Improving usability means increased e-commerce conversion and lead generation, plain and simple. But usability isn’t limited to landing page optimization.

It also includes:

  • Improving the sales funnel (or user path to the sale)
  • Optimizing calls to action
  • Reassuring visitors
  • Providing quality, accurate content every step of the way

How easy is it to purchase something on your website? How easy is it to dive deeper for more information? How easy is it to navigate? Usability testing will find out.

Once we have our testing systems in place, then we have data. And the analytics -- along with experience and creative problem-solving -- help drive more improvements and testing.


One of the awesome things about Elevated? Our seasoned pros actually know how to look at conversion rate analytics and translate it to something meaningful. Analytics helps us make proper, strategic decisions moving forward. It helps us see what’s working -- all the way down the keyword level -- and what’s not. We can see which content is driving clicks and conversions.

Measuring our campaigns -- and openly sharing this data with you -- gives us the ability to help make your campaigns more effective and efficient over time. Logical, no?